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Why Cascade Clarity?


Even though the largest rocks may stand in its way, water will always find a way to get through it.

-Roger Lee




  • a small waterfall, typically one of several that connect in stages down a rocky slope.

I believe that by making small changes in your habits, you can have a cascade effect on many aspects of your life. For instance, by changing some of your sleeping habits, you can improve your mood, concentration, and energy levels, which can impact your work, relationships, etc. By practicing mindful meditation a few minutes every day, you can be more present throughout your daily life, which helps you to make better decisions that are more in line with your values, goals, and well-being. Cascades are also several connecting waterfalls, and I strongly believe in connecting the mind and the body to heal emotional wounds and strengthen vitality. Cascading water, like therapy, can also help wash away those things that are no longer serving you, providing a sense of rejuvenation as you move forward in your life's journey.




  • the quality of clearness and purity

Just as a cascade can end in a clear pool of water, therapy can provide you with a greater sense of clarity of yourself. Whether you are questioning a relationship, feeling clouded by depression, or stuck in whatever life has thrown your way, I will provide you with space, perspective, and guidance to help you gain the clarity you need. 

Gasparee Cave.jpeg

You live out the confusions until they become clear.

-Anais Nin

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