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Life Stress/Burnout

     You're overwhelmed and drained. You're feeling anxious and hopeless. You're having trouble keeping up with life's demands. You're thinking "I'm just trying to survive the day." You have minimal time for yourself. You forget what joy feels like or what it's like to laugh. This is burnout. The fast pace of modern culture, constant exposure to screens, bombardment of negative news, and disconnection during the pandemic has led to high levels of collective stress. Chronically high levels of stress can lead to burnout. 

     Periods of change and transition can also be high in stress. Whether it’s getting married or divorced, starting a job or losing a job, or entering a new stage in life while leaving one behind, you need to adapt. These life transitions make you more susceptible to burnout or developing an Adjustment Disorder. If you find yourself experiencing constant anxiety or depression and difficulty fulfilling your social and occupational obligations following a significant life event, you may be struggling with an Adjustment Disorder.

Therapy can be a valuable form of self-care during seasons of high stress and burnout. Using evidence-based tools, I help you develop healthy habits and coping tools to get your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical dimensions realigned.

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