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     You feel down. You're slogging through life. It takes all your energy to get out of bed, or you don't get out of bed at all. Yet, you feel exhausted all the time. Things that brought you joy look like too much effort and uninteresting. You want to be happy, but you just can't shake this cloud hanging over you. You put on a fake smile to get through the day, but you really just want to be left alone. You think "I'm worthless." and "I'm a failure." You're wondering what's the point of trying to feel better.  You're losing hope...


     We all feel sad sometimes, but for some, the sadness hangs around like a dark cloud. One in five U.S. adults are diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), which is characterized by persistent low mood and loss of interest in usually pleasurable activities. Depressive episodes can also include physiological symptoms, such as low energy, loss of appetite or overeating, difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much, and decreased sex drive. Beliefs and associated feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness are also common. 

There is hope. CBT is the gold standard treatment for depression. You'll learn the tools to reframe those pesky negative and maladaptive beliefs that are driving your depression. You'll slowly begin to engage in pleasurable activities again. Though it'll take some effort and consistency on your part, I'll be there to gently challenge you forward. I also teach you mindfulness and self-compassion to help you drop beneath the negative thoughts and feelings to reconnect with your joy.  

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