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Other Chronic Health Conditions

     You've been diagnosed with a chronic condition. You're scared about what your future will be like. Will you be able to function like you did before? You're having difficulty keeping up with doctors appointments and following doctor recommendations. You want to be healthy, but you're finding it hard to make the necessary changes. You've tried exercising more, improving your diet, and possibly quitting cigarettes, with little success. There are too many medications and treatments to keep track. You're family and loved ones are on your case to take better care of yourself. You're feeling overwhelmed. You just want to go back to the life you had pre-diagnosis.

    Forty percent of the U.S. adult population live with a chronic condition. Whether diabetes, heart disease, COPD, an auto-immune disease, or some other chronic condition, you're not alone. It can be difficult to accept the new reality of living with a chronic condition. It's even more difficult to change your habits to the healthy ones needed to manage your chronic condition. As humans, we rely on habits to function day-to-day. We only have 20% of our mental energy available to us, the rest is made up of habits. But with consistency, discipline, and support, you can better manage your chronic condition with new habits in as little as 21 days.

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a proven method for helping people manage chronic conditions. You will learn tools to help you stay on track and create healthy habits. You'll also learn skills to better regulate your nervous system, which in turn, improves your body's immune functioning. With mindfulness and self-compassion skills, you'll be able to make more conscious choices in line with your wellbeing. You'll learn to accept your diagnosis and focus on what really matters.

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