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BE A MESS Mourning Method

Breathing Through the Heart of Traumatic Loss

   You've experienced the passing of a loved one that was sudden, premature, and/or beyond your ability cope. You are overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and anger. Or maybe you feel numb and are just going through the motions. You have difficulty feeling positive emotions, and if you do, you feel guilty. You feel like a huge hole is left in your heart and life. You're lethargic and unmotivated. You're having trouble focusing and sleeping. It seems like everyone is moving on and you're still stuck. You believe "no one understands" and are ridden with the "what if" thoughts. You fear getting close to anyone again. You're doubting your faith and spirituality. 

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   If any of this sounds like you, you are not alone and there is hope. Combining evidence-based strategies with holistic practices, the BE A MESS Mourning method helps you heal the Behavioral, Emotional, Anatomical, Mental, Energetic, Social, and Spiritual impacts of traumatic loss. Here's what we'll be working on inside this unique 3-month program:

  1. How YOU will be able to embrace the MESSiness of grief and transform it into a reconnection with your spirit, renewed confidence, and PURE JOY for life.

  2. How to release stuck emotions, like sadness, guilt, anger, fear, shame, and more in the body and re-wire your nervous system through mindfulness, self-compassion, and BREATHWORK

  3.  How to shift your mindset and getting out of survival mode and the narratives that keep you stuck.

  4.  How to set boundaries and get the support you need through this difficult journey.

  5. How to move FORWARD with your life as the TRUER version of you, so you can become a living legacy for yourself AND your loved one. 

What's included?

  • Step-by-step holistic healing digital course, targeting all the dimensions of grief: Behavioral-Emotional-Anatomical-Mental-Energetic-Social-Spiritual (BE A MESS)...there is something for everyone.

  • 3 Individual 50-min sessions with Dr. Jenchura where you will be able to ask questions and work to implement the tools from the course into your life and grief process (additional sessions available as needed at an added cost)

  • 3 Individual 60-min BREATHWORK sessions with Dr. Jenchura, a certified Breathwork facilitator, where you will work to release stuck emotions in the body and have transformative healing (additional sessions available as needed at an added cost)

  • Access to the 14-day Rewiring the Nervous System and 14-day Rewiring the Mind to move out of survival mode and into thriving.

        BONUS: SEVENTEEN recorded meditations specific for grief and loss

       BONUS:  Recorded Trauma-Informed Yoga session for grief 

What Clients Are Saying


     Dr. Jenchura's energy is so welcoming and comforting. I found her page randomly and was immediately drawn to her. Her holistic ideology resonated with me and I felt she could help me during the tough, emotional journey I had in store for me over the next few months. She was a great support, sounding board and eye opener. The Breathwork and meditative tools have helped me tremendously. She really guided me and helped me through using the myriad of tools offered.


   I struggled most with anger and irritability, which I took out on others. The program has changed me because I can now see why a certain person behaves a certain way and I know it's not personal. The tools have helped me to separate myself from situations so that I can look on it as an outsider before jumping to conclusions. It's helped me be rational and get a clear understanding of what is happening without being clouded by my grief.


   I'd really tell others to get outside help during times of grief and pain so that you have someone with an unbiased view helping you through it.

   -RB, 38-yo woman who lost both of her parents within one year due to illness.

     I tried regular counseling and knew I needed something more spiritual and not so black and white after losing my son. I cried a lot and felt so much regret, I questioned myself and what more I could have done to prevent his death. I “what-ifd” a lot and the night of his death played over and over in my head. I needed guidance on how to work through all that I was feeling without feeling guilt, shame, blame and to know what I was feeling was okay. Working with Dr. Jenchura's 3-month plan has helped me be okay and live for myself, my husband and my other 3 children. I learned it is okay to be happy and my son would want me to be happy. There are still bad days, but with the tools Dr. Jenchura provided, I have worked through those days and will continue to do so.

    The program offers so many great tools like meditation, breathing exercises and the Breathwork sessions. The tools are set up in week-by-week blocks to give you time to watch the videos, do the tasks and process what you went through during the individual sessions with Dr. Jenchura. The most difficult task for me was to write down the night of my son’s death, as detailed as possible, and read that account every day. This really helped me to not replay that night over and over again. 

   At first, I wasn’t so sure about the Breathwork, as I have never done anything like this before and it was a bit awkward. However, let me tell you, the experiences that I got out of these Breathwork sessions were amazing. Very spiritual, energizing, and peaceful all at the same time.

   I highly recommend working with Dr. Jenchura for grief. She puts everything in perspective in a way I wasn’t receiving from regular counseling. You learn how your brain works during grief, how to control your thoughts and not let your mind run with continued bad thoughts. Ultimately, you will learn how to grow with and through grief. I really needed this process and thank God that I found Dr. Jenchura!

-AH, 45-yo woman who lost her 18-yo son due to accidental fentanyl overdose

Time doesn't heal all wounds. You have to do the work. Let me help!

    I know how difficult it is to do the work of grieving, I have been there myself. This program is designed for those who are ready and committed to do the work of grieving and experience transformative healing. Remember, there is a bigger cost to NOT investing in yourself and staying stuck in your grief. Let me help you grow from your grief and build the life your loved one would want for you.

      3-Month Program: $3,000 up front or in 3 monthly installments of $1,100

      Additional 50-min Individual Sessions: $250 each

     ***Unfortunately, the BE A MESS Mourning Method program is not covered by insurance. But therapy can be costly over a long period of time. This accelerated program gives you all the tools you need to help you heal and grow from your loss in 3-months at one flat rate and with access to recordings to use and review after the course ends.

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